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Testimony of healing sounds for concussion
While at Wholesome Health Lounge (one of  my absolute favorite places to be), my clumsiness took over.  I somehow accidentally smacked my head on a cupboard I didn’t know was there until my head unexpectedly met it.  It was a much harder hit than I was used to enduring, but I’ve always had a pretty high pain tolerance.  I didn’t want to make a scene or worry anyone else, so I tried to keep the head hit a secret.  I was convinced I had bounced back and tried to act perfectly fine.  However, five minutes after the accident, I started to feel dizzy, sweaty and as if my head and brain were against one another.  My head was hurting, and I knew I was on the verge of blacking out…..or possibly something worse. As much as I wanted to deny it, the fact that I had some form of a concussion became evident. 
I laid across a couple chairs hoping no one would notice, though I was truthfully a little scared of what was happening to me.  Thankfully, some of the kind staff saw what was going on and immediately came to my aid.  They began fanning me off and trying to put me at ease. Kathleen immediately insisted I put in headphones to listen to the healing sound for concussions.  I knew my only other option was blacking out, and I trusted her judgement.  I took a few sips of their Kangen water (which I could write a whole testimony on within itself), and I laid there listening to the healing sound, which she had created. 
It was as if the sound was healing the disturbing commotion that had taken place almost immediately.  The therapeutic sounds helped assure my mind, body and soul that everything was going to be okay, and that I was going to bounce back.  It was as if my usual head and brain were reuniting back together in harmony.  I was feeling like my peaceful, true self once again. Though I have to testify that the healing process immediately began from almost the second I put in the headphones, I got better and better as I immersed myself in the sound.  By the time the track was over with, I was able to get up out of the chairs and rejoin the group.  I went on to enjoy my day and even went to the mall (which I originally thought was a total impossibility).  Wholesome Health’s sounds are truly something special.  I believe they bring healing in the natural way, and I believe this very sound will benefit and heal both the everyday person and professional athletes who have experienced head trauma.  Kudos to Kathleen and Wholesome Health for their sounds! Thanks and see you soon! - H.T. Nashville TN

RDR Customize  Brainwave Sounds




S.M. wrote us 11/24/2015. Being 2016 now, she is completely  medication free and has NO symptoms of addicted behavior. 


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This is her new Testimonial 5 months after using our Wellness Program: 

“I was taking prescribed narcotics for 10 years in addition to a lifetime of antidepressants to manage chronic pain. I was physically and mentally addicted, and when I drank alcohol I couldn’t stop. In August 2015 I began listening to customized sounds, and within 3 months I stopped all pain-related meds and daily alcohol consumption. Now 5 months later I am completely medication free and drink casually without obsession.” S.M. Nashville

“It has helped me cope with my PTSD, and enabled me to live my life.  Not on meds anymore. Suffers from severe migraines from several TBI injuries. Doctors have tried every option possible with meds. Nothing would help. Migraines are 3 to 6 times a week. Some last up to 6 days long. The migraines would make daily life and being able to function, extremely hard. The sounds have helped tremendously. The sounds take the severe Migraines down to a very low level and make it possible to function.” — B.R. Rockford Il

“Before the remedy: completely anti-social, didn’t leave his house, depressed, anxiety, short-term and long- term memory was horrible, always dressed in black sweats, black shirt, grim reaper military shirts. Sleeping- nightmares, insomnia, day and nights were mixed up. Triggers: noises, smells. Felt like wasn’t worthy of anything in life. survivors guilt. Multiple TBIs, unsteady gate- walked with cane. BP and pulse were always elevated. Home was cluttered and unorganized."

  • After using the sounds for 3 months:

        Now-wardrobe changed to jeans, kakis, shorts ( shows scars on legs). Goes into community, has a relationship with family, no sleeping     meds, less pain pills, anxiety med decreased, actively seeking companionship, self-worth has increased significantly. BP and Pulse             dropped after each session of the remedy.  More pride in his environment. “ — C.J. Chicago IL

Constantly pain from fibromyalgia, stress

  • After using the sounds: 

   “I would like to take this time to make a recommendation to anyone who is having pain in their body or stress related symptom to try         the Therapeutic Sound room at the Wholesome Health Lounge. I have a sound that was taped for me and is relaxing. It helps with my           pain and stress. Thank you Kat and the Wholesome Health Lounge for your continuous support.”— J.T. Nashville TN

depression, high blood pressure, diabetics, shoulder was very painful and the doctors thought about it to do a surgery on it.

  • After using the sounds: 
    “After 1 month listen to a personal sound i feel alive again! The depression is gone, my blood pressure is normal, my sugar level is getting better and the pain in my shoulder is completely gone!! No surgery needed anymore. My life took a positive turn, thank you for helping finding myself again!!” —I.R. Belgium

    “The personal sounds created are 15 minutes well spent that have helped me with reducing stress, relaxation and calming anxieties” —C.P. Nashville TN

    Condition: High Blood Pressure​
    “For more then a year i took blood pressure medication without results. I started listening to the sounds that Kathleen had created for me and my blood pressure went form 166/106 to 121/ 62. Now after 3 months of using this sound every day for 15 minutes i do not take any medication anymore and my blood pressure stays stable and good!” —L.P. Nashville TN


     Condition: Blockage Creativity​
​      "I believe that we are all just basically frequency and energy so it makes sound and perfect sense to me that using vibrational tones can shift and move things and actually make significant changes when it comes to our physical and mental health. I enjoy starting my day listening to my custom sounds. I'm not the best at meditating so this is so perfect and really easy for me. Rather than try to fix the issues from the level of the issue, I just relax with headphones and let the sounds do all the work. Tesla wrote about the power of Frequency years back and I think this will eventually become the norm for mental and physical health care to look to energy & frequency healing modalities. Thank you Kathleen for all the work you are doing on this amazing front"  —SN. Nashville TN

Letter to Kathleen 
Hi Kathleen,
I hope all is well. I wanted to follow up and provide you with a progress report on how things are going with me since I began listening to my personal sounds in January. The first few weeks of listening to the sounds produced subtle vibrational shifts and I was unable to articulate at the time what changes were occurring within me. However, I knew intuitively the vibrations had created a space allowing healing to occur.  After a month or so,I noticed the quality of my sleep had improved tremendously and the most noticeable change was my anxiety levels decreased significantly! As did my high blood pressure. It’s still high, but it dropped significantly! When I saw you and  in January, I was off balance energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything is in harmony now. Three months into listening to the sounds, I can tell you with the utmost sincerity the sounds have enriched my life. I am very grateful to you for creating my personal sounds. I listen to the sounds daily, sometimes twice a day and I plan to continue to listen to them indefinitely. Kathleen, the sounds have profoundly improved the quality of my life and it is my intention to refer veterans and others to you for sound therapy. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Be well!
K. Nashville TN

Testimonial 2 weeks in the program

​Condition: reumatoide artritis

I have listen to the sounds every day.  I have only taken one Aleve  this week. It's usually every day. My feet are not bothering me as much and I feel the swelling in my hands is going away. When this all started I would have some bad days. Then it was all bad days. After awhile all bad days with some worse days. Then mostly worse days. I feel this week might be a turning point for me. Still having hope all will be well soon. Have a great day —S.J. Nashville TN