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Each and every individual you meet at the Wholesome Health Lounge is dedicated and committed to our clients' beauty,  health and well-being. 
They are individually selected and have the highest education. 
Read more about each individual in their Bio (where available):

Hair Stylist
Kathleen Ongena
Chris Pegram

Tracy Gatlin​ Coulter

Layla Ellis

Carmen Wagner

Tsan Lozano

YOU! (If you're a stylist, join us. Call us A.S.A.Humanly P.)

Medical Massage Therapist

Shakira "Arikah" Baly, LMT

RDR Customized Brainwave Sounds

Kathleen Ongena, RDR Wellness

Operations, Landscaper, Security, aEE...


Meet the Team

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