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Wholesome Health Lounge is the only wellness spa in Nashville that encourages the reawakening and rejuvenation of all five of your senses.  Essential oils greet you and intercept anything that might be troubling you the moment you walk through the front doors.  Any guest of the Lounge have access to the one and only custom-made RDR Brainwave Sound Room in the country. Furthermore, to ensure effective hydration, we are one of the few Enagic Kangen alkaline water refill centers in Nashville to provide all clients alkaline water as they beautify from the outside in - and inside out.  Reset, Delete, and Re-Programmation™ (RDR) Wellness Program, beats at the heart of the Lounge.  Read more about the RDR Wellness Program here.


  • "​An awesome experience that will have you going back for more!" Laura Levine Mydelski
  • ​​The Wholesome Health Lounge is a new spin on total self-care. My hair is experiencing its typical summer frizz from the humidity but it had a new look and feel from the moment it was shampooed with Kangen water ... it took a while to pry me out of the massage chair at the shampoo bowl! The sound room helps you understand the benefits of "healthy" sounds and frequencies that can unlock patterns of negativity and stress. The Lounge diffuses essential oils and has a peaceful "energy" that leaves you feeling unwound but energized. Have a glass of fresh juice and talk to Kathleen about the upcoming new services including massage and skin care. She'll show you new ways to take care of yourself from the inside out. Well done!! (p.s. There's also free wi-fi but if you can, just turn off your devices and relax ... that's the point of it all!)  Sandy Moyer
  • ​I like what you're doing in regards to taking care of the whole body(both external and internal) with alkaline water. You can't go wrong. You are in the right business forever! Benny, Sr. 
  • Love this place. My hair felt amazing after being washed with their unique water filtration system and I loved the massage chair at the shampoo bowl. The ultimate in pampering! As always, my hair color is amazing thanks to Kat! Shannon Castellano
  • If YOU are looking for a new hair stylist as mine of several years moved away. I must say - the best and most relaxing haircut EVER in her new place on Music Row. Wholesome Health Lounge - WOW! During the shampoo, the chair started massaging me and that was great! When Kathleen cut my hair, so relaxing and she paid attention to such details and gave me the best haircut I've had in years! Trimming around the edges, ears, eyebrows and a great person to be with - not feeling rushed during the haircut was nice! I left with Kangen Water as she filled up a jug of the water - awesome experience! Doak Turner

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Why we built the Wholesome Health Lounge? A few years ago we dreamed of a place where people who experienced something traumatic can go and re-center themselves or start their healing process. We also wanted a place we can encourage healthier lifestyles, feel great and look awesome. Nothing complex, nothing forceful, nothing extreme, and nothing threatening. The Wholesome Health Lounge is the offspring of these ideas.  It helps re-centering while giving Nashville a place of refuge, energy, rejuvenation and relaxation. These are just one of the top 5 reasons the Lounge was born.

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Each and every individual you meet at the Lounge is dedicated and committed to our clients' beauty,  health and well-being. 
They are individually selected and have the highest education. 
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WHL is an Ambassador Salon for Wigs for Kids.

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