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  • $20 off  Base Color or highlights + Haircut 
  • $10 off Woman Haircut
  • $7 off  woman Haircut
  • $5 off men's Haircut

Veterans will receive 10% off every service

For appointments:

(615) 636 1962



  • Owner of Wholesome Health Lounge
  • Researcher and Creator of the Therapeutic Sound Room
  • Certified NLP practicioner
  • Dristributor of Kangen water
  • Distributor of Essential Oils
  • Hairstylist

913 18th Ave., South, Nashville, TN, 37212 

Appointments Only  (615) 636-1962

Educator For Z-One

Hair color specialist

Woman /Men Haircuts

Express Keratine Treatment

Global Keratine Treatments


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About Kathleen Ongena:


Kathleen is a hairdresser from Ghent , Belgium , who moved to Nashville in 2009. Throughout her 30-year career, she has worked with such masters as Jean Louis David in Paris, France, and Jacques Dessange in Ghent  Belgium. 
She has a special education in color, particularly in the Balleage technique, and is a master Barber.

Kathleen speaks English, French, Flemish and Dutch, and takes pride in being multi-lingual. Her world-wide knowledge has made her skillful in handling  different hair types.

She loves to feel fabulous and want to project that onto her guests. The beauty of the “Natural Look” is her passion.

Kathleen Ongena is also  a singer-songwriter and the founder of the Non-Profit Organization Reset, Delete, and Re-Programmation (RDR).  She is currently focusing all of her concerted effort towards a project to alleviate PTS(D) through her music and eventually at her Center for ‘Re-Programmation’.  She is researching PTS (D) for over 10 years and knows that her technique works. “It is music that uproots deeply engrained trauma, and transforms it while purging it - so that it is replaced by a boost of self awareness,  nourishment, appreciation for all that you are, and most importantly, acceptance for the purpose of betterment and growth. RDR will help alleviate the trauma and switch certain neuro sensors/ connections to help the Veteran evolve into a wholesome being...and become their true selves. 

"I decided to create the Sound Room to help more people with different conditions", Kathleen says, after seeing amazing results from the existing volunteers in the research.