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1. First month payment is required for sign-up and is NOT refundable or non-transferable.

2. Membership commences on the date of sign-up.  Recurring payments will be charged each month on that same day, unless otherwise noted.

3. All memberships paid monthly are nonrefundable in part or full after auto-draft has gone through under any circumstances. Memberships paid upfront are nonrefundable under any circumstances.

4. A credit/debit card must be used for payment and during sign-up.

5. All memberships paid monthly will renew automatically after 12 month memberships for member’s convenience unless member decides to cancel. They will renew month to month. For cancellations, holds, and/or changes to memberships for any reason, member must notify The Wholesome Health Lounge via email at kat@wholesomehealthlounge.com or via written letter.  Send letter to 913 18th Avenue, South, Nashville TN 37212 at least 30 days prior to next auto-draft, putting “membership cancellation” as subject heading of email. In turn, the Wholesome Health Lounge will send a confirmation via email or letter after the changes have been made to the account. Member acknowledges that the Wholesome Health Lounge can take up to 5 business days to respond.

6. Once member has submitted e-mail request for cancellation to membership, it is member’s responsibility to ensure that The Wholesome Health Lounge has responded back on the same e-mail or address account to confirm processing. The Wholesome Health Lounge is in no way, under any circumstances, responsible for member’s negligence in checking their own bank statements to ensure that membership cancellations have been processed correctly. In the event of miscommunication member is responsible to produce a copy of their request and response from the Wholesome Health Lounge for review. Only then, if The Wholesome Health Lounge did not perform what it agreed to do, The Wholesome Health Lounge will reimburse any funds rightfully owed to member. In the event that member cannot produce a copy of e-mail correspondence with The Wholesome Health Lounge then The Wholesome Health Lounge is not obligated to, nor will refund under any circumstances, dues debited from member’s account.

7. Membership prices are subject to change. In the event of a change in membership price, this would only be applied after 12 consecutive months have passed from member’s first sign-up. Members will be notified via email of any price increase to their memberships and given the opportunity to cancel if they wish, without further charges and/or fees.

8. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Wholesome Health Lounge™ Massage Membership

The Wholesome Health Lounge (WHL)™ Massage Membership allows each client with a little intervention from their day-to-day fast pace (or slow)

routine through a rejuvenating and relaxing massage once a month.

The membership is month-to-month and entitles each client to a 1-hour massage session per month at a discounted rate.

It also allows you access to the Lounge and its various features including

Kangen alkaline water, the therapeutic sound room, and additional services at a discounted price.

Payment method:
Auto payment occurs once a month. No long-term contracts.  You can stop this membership anytime with a 30-day notice.

Missed massages can be rolled over the next month.

Wholesome Health Lounge™ Massage Memberships receive member-only benefits:

 savings on 1-hour massage

Missed massage sessions can be rolled over to the next month

No long-term contract

Additional services at a discounted price


Please note that ALL membership AUTO-PAY requires a 30-day written notice to discontinue.