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The Wholesome Health Lounge Membership ($135)

The Wholesome Health Lounge (WHL)™ Membership allows each client with a little intervention from their day-to-day, fast pace (or slow)


The membership is month-to-month and entitles you to three 15-minute sound room sessions per month and 3-half gallon Kangen water refills a week. Please bring your own sanitized containers. Our goal is to help you get your own Kangen device so that you are consuming the water that changes your life daily.

Payment method:
Auto payment occurs once a month. No long-term contracts.  You can stop this membership anytime with a 30-day notice.

Missed sessions can be rolled over to the next month.

No long-term contract
Additional services at a discounted price


Please note that ALL membership AUTO-PAY requires a 30-day written notice to discontinue. Memberships are not transferrable.  Kangen refills and sound room usage require advance notice to ensure the WHL is open. The schedule are not grounds for dissatisfaction. Terms and Conditions of the RDR Sound Room usage apply.