Cutting-Edge Treatment

The only facility in Tennessee to utilize the Enagic Anespa unit to provide  customized

hair and skin care with Mineral Ion Water and Kangen alkaline water, removing chlorine from tap water.  

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A Rarity of its Own Kind

From outside beauty with hair care to the specialized massage - and the ONLY customized RDR Brainwave Sound Room in the country, WHL invigorates all five of your senses.  Treatments include essential oils, RDR brainwave sounds, Kangen alkaline water, just to name a few.  

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Reawaken. Rejuvenate.


913 18th Ave., South, Nashville, TN, 37212 

Appointments Only  (818) 808-7396

A few years ago we dreamed of a place where people who experienced something traumatic can go and re-center themselves, or start their healing process. We also wanted a place we can encourage healthier lifestyles, feel great and look awesome. Nothing complex, nothing forceful, nothing extreme, and nothing threatening. The Wholesome Health Lounge is the offspring of these ideas. "Personally, it helps us re-center our being while giving Nashville a place of refuge, energy, rejuvenation and relaxation. These are just one of the top 5 reasons the Lounge was born." Founders, Kat & MP

Why we built the Wholesome Health Lounge?

Personalized Facility

​When you first step through our doors, the WHL house eases you into a place of comfort and centering.

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Reawaken your  5 senses.  Help your body and mind recover and heal.